KinkBNB a new website for people who want to stay in Kinky places….  What a great idea!

Darren McKeeman, a co-founder of the San Francisco-based service, said that travelers who love to portray Christian Grey in bed with bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, sadism and masochism, sometimes don’t have the option of vacationing long distances with their required equipments.

McKeeman added that with the help of their website people will be able to make love the way they want because currently travelling is difficult for BDSM travellers as they can’t bring anything with them on their vacation.

The website that was launched with about 40 listings and has got 100 bookings so far lists Queensland, Australia that provides amenities including dungeon, a playspace and toys, Seattle offers 2,000 square feet place with an access to spanking benches, cages, an isolation cell and a custom-made, queen-size bondage bed.

Question:  can fetish clubs list their rooms and facilities?   We’ll have to wait till KinkBNB makes its to Thailand 🙂