The Fifty Shades of Bangkok promotion at BarBar was a huge success.

Couple were invited to join the club together and get a couple discount.

Many people were not aware that all the Fetish Thailand clubs do welcome couples and this was a chance for many couples to try out the club and come and watch and play with some of the girls.

More and more couples are attending the club – thanks to the promotions and we are also happy to welcome many Chinese and Asian couples to the club.

Our fetish clubs are not just for seasoned BDSM professional players, they  offer a genuinely unique experience in Bangkok for the curious, it’s exciting, intriguing and interesting for couples to come to the club and of course many do find our intimate shows arousing.  There is never any pressure at our of our clubs and many people are content to have a quiet drinks and watch what happens…

why not try something different?  Join us tonight….